Why we do it

This is why we do it

Helping accountants add financial services the right way!

Why we do it

Have you ever referred a client to another professional to take care of a concern they had only to be embarressed by the process or the outcome your client experienced?  The next time that issue comes up with a client you decided to create an answer only to find out that there is just no way to be adequately compensated for the amount of time and energy you spent in solving the problem.  Finally, you arrive at the place most tax accountants get to - empathy and encouragement while wishing the client good luck in their quest for a solution.

Most times, what really happens is, the client shows up next year with the same problem because they haven't trusted anyone to help them solve it - back to square one.  The fact is they trust YOU.

What if it were possible to retain control of the process and outcome, get the client's question professionally handled, and be fairly compensated for the help you provided?  That's why we do it, becuase there is a way for everyone to get what they need.  By becoming an Affiliate Planner with Your Business Matters Inc. you gain access to our Success System that converts a tax & accounting office into a financial planning service center. 

Take Control of Your Business.

  • Your clients are looking for solutions


  • Help solidify their financial future


  • Be fairly compensated for your time


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