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Who leads it

Chris Basom - President & CEO

I am a certified open water diver, certified sailor, AYSO National Coach, former marathon runner and future private pilot. My perspective of life and business is panoramic. (That means at 50 years old I still consider myself a learner and welcome the opportunity to challenge myself.)

Professionally I’ve held licenses in California to sell insurance, securities, and real estate. I’ve worked in venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, personal financial planning, accounting, and tax preparation, all while self-employed right here in Orange County. That has made my 29 years in the industry truly 29 years of experience (rather than 1 year of experience 29 times).

Born in Michigan, I live in Mission Viejo with my wife Trish. We continue to raise our (collective) 27, 23, and 14 year olds. I have been active in local youth sports as a referee, coach, and board member and continue to serve on Boards of several for profit and non-profit volunteer organizations.
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William Hamilton IV - Director of Sales and Marketing

I believe that the way to realize your dreams is to help other people realize their own. My professional background, developed working with national companies as well as local firms, has given me a strong proficiency in revenue building, corporate training, management, and bringing people together to work toward one common goal.

My passion for sports always re-instills in me the importance of a team and how important relationships are to getting things done, in the real world. By empowering everyone to perform at an optimum level, I believe that any organization can achieve its’ goals. And, in the process, help the people touched by that organization accomplish things even they never dreamed were possible.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and staying physically active. I currently live in Foothill Ranch, CA.
Linkedin Profile - http://www.linkedin.com/in/williamh4


"It is the set of the sails,
not the direction of the
wind that determines
which way you will go."

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