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Helping accountants add financial services the right way!

What we do

We have created a revolutionary financial services collective, designed to convert a small tax and accounting office into a financial planning service provider.  Doing this allows the accountant who is already closest to and most able to influence the typical client, an opportunity to really make a tangible improvement in a client’s life.

With our help, Affiliate Planners (accountants/tax preparers) will provide their clients with wills/trusts/business formations/divorces/casualty insurance/life insurance/college planning/retirement planning/budget reconstruction/investment management/mortgage loan application, and much more.

All of these products and services are offered through three affiliated companies that have developed expert systems operable with little training and licensing. Our Affiliate Planners are trained in the operation of these systems. While providing these solutions to their clients they also generate revenue for themselves.  

The Your Business Matters Success System is designed to double an Affiliate Planner’s annual bottom line profit within three years without adding one more tax return to their practice.

We help the accountant accomplish this on three fronts. The first is the increased efficiency of their operations which creates more net cash flow. The second is by adding products and services easily accepted by their existing clients as an extension of the client’s trusted relationship with them.  And the third is to install proven business development techniques that will increase the lines of business each client is purchasing which translates to increased revenues per client.


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